09 Jun

Are you concerned about your real estate agent's shady tactics? You're not alone. There are plenty of homeowners who've been the victim of unscrupulous agents. This article will look at some of the most common scams. A realtor's commission depends on how much money they sell your home for, and they may try to overstate the price to get more money. Avoid this kind of realtor and make sure your home sells for the right price.

Many real estate agents engage in shady tactics to close a deal. Some agents are extremely creative. In a scenario where the agent is interested in a property, the realtor might leave an expired listing online, offering an alternate property. Another shady tactic is using an old listing to attract buyers. Other realtors may use vague addresses or even a new listing to entice potential buyers. These tactics are illegal and must be avoided. You can go to the Leisure Blog for more information on these real estate scams. 

Another realtor shady tactic involves dual agency. While it may seem unlikely, dual agency occurs when the agent represents both the seller and the buyer. While it may seem impossible, this tactic is illegal and reflects poorly on your real estate transaction. By using the same salesmanship skills, you're paying your real estate agent double! If you're thinking of listing a home, don't let an agent use the same tactics for both parties.

A real estate agent who's been convicted of engaging in shady tactics will not be willing to negotiate with you. This tactic puts the seller on the defensive and usually results in a dead-end offer. If you don't trust the agent, get feedback from a trusted friend or acquaintance who has dealt with him or her. If possible, get a referral from someone you know. They may be able to provide you with reliable feedback on the agent's actions.

Another tactic is emotional selling. This technique taps into your fear of losing the property, which leads to an emotionally charged price for your asset. Avoid falling for this tactic because you may already have other buyers out there who are using the agent's tools to make a good profit. It's better to know the value of your assets than to let them pressure you into a lower price than you can afford. So, it's important to be prepared and able to act fast if you want to secure them.

Another tactic involving real estate agents is lowballing. Although buyers' agents discourage this tactic, it's worth considering. A lowballing offer hurts the seller's feelings and only matters if the buyer can hit the lowest target selling price. These are just some of the scams that you may have encountered. However, there are many other types of scams your realtor might be attempting. 

Another scam involves false representation. The agent might list your property as if it's a "Pre-MLS" listing, meaning that it's not yet on the MLS. This tactic is a sneaky way for an agent to get your property off the market. It can be tricky for a realtor to gain a buyer's trust and confidence by using a vague description of the property. In other cases, the agent may exaggerate the property's negative characteristics to attract buyers. The Chris Neufeld blog gives more tips on how to avoid falling for these scams. Check it out for more details. 

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